Women in labor LOVE water !!  Back in the day midwives would have them get in the shower and let the warm water ease their backs and help them relax.  We did this until the hot water ran out .  The modern way to enjoy the benefits of warm water is by having a birthing tub available to you. Some women like to use the tub during labor and then get out and have an air birth, others stay and birth the baby in the tub and still others have babies that are in a hurry to meet them and don't even get the tub filled.  One thing is certain and that is that you will not know which category you fit into until the actual event. If you are inclined to want a water birth do some reading. You have the option of purchasing a tub which may save you some money down the road if you are planning a larger family. There are many places to rent a tub and we are happy to announce that we now offer this option to our clients. Sarah and Anna  have purchased several large professional grade tubs that she is offering for rent. If you are interested you can discuss it with them to get pricing. etc. One perk is that if you choose to rent from one of them they will bring the tub at one of your prenatal visits and take it back after the birth or at the first postpartum visit. Convenience is one of our middle names.