Meet and Greet : A meeting to ask and answer questions about our practice, philosophy, services and finances. We leave you a contact sheet, consent form and a financial agreement to read over to help you make a decision about hiring us.  Usually lasts an hour.
We are hired : We send you a link to Mobile Midwife so you can fill in your chart and sign some documents. If you are not on the internet we will send/bring  you a form to fill out so we can create a chart for you. We set up an appointment for an initial visit.

Initial visit :  At this appointment we review your chart information and ask questions about the information you supplied and answer questions you have about the questions on the form. We have you sign consent documents if they are not already signed. We do a prenatal, give you a green folder with more information and we collect the deposit. We then schedule your next visit. This meeting usually lasts over one hour.

Regular prenatal visits : We plan to see you on a regular schedule. Usually monthly until the eighth month when we make two visits and then every week to ten days until your baby's birth. Visits are usually about an hour long but can be shorter as we get closer to the birth and are seeing you more often. We try to be on time but ask for a half hour leeway each side of your visit. Since we make home visits we have to take travel conditions into account.  We may need to reschedule due to births, illness, or important family situations. If the weather is bad we will reschedule your prenatal but will attempt to reach you for the birth. We have an excellent track record for this and Marilyn just bought a 4 wheel drive jeep !

The Birth :  There will be a Midwife and one or two apprentices at your birth. You will have met them all. We stay at least two hours after the birth or until everyone is stable. We also go with you to the hospital during a transport or try to meet for there if you need to be referred for more advanced care in an emergency or for your or the baby's safety.

Post Partum visits :  We come after 24 hours to check on you and the baby. With your permission we do the newborn screening at this visit.  We come back at around two weeks to see how you and the baby are doing. We have an optional visit at 5 weeks. Some of our clients choose to waive this visit or go visit a doctor.

We are looking forward to working with you.