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Newborn Exam

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Referrals for Childbirth Classes, Tub Rental, Placenta Encapsulation, Lactation Consultants, Postpartum doulas, and Postpartum depression counseling. 

   At A Birth At Home we believe that we are here to help you have the birth experience that fits your family's lifestyle while providing the safety of having knowledgeable experienced birth partners help guide you through this amazing time in your life.

   We do all of our visits in your home and try to work around your schedule so we all get to know each other and form the bonds that foster trust in both directions. We do regular prenatal care but never rush you through your visit.

   We schedule two hours for the initial " Meet and Greet " and another two hours for the initial prenatal visit where we ask and answer a lot of questions, do some paper work , and discuss your options in lab and ultra sound testing.

   An average monthly prenatal visit lasts about an hour and we see you more often in the last two months.

   We stay with you through out labor and at least two hours after the birth, longer if needed.

   Postpartum visits are scheduled for 24 to 48 post birth where newborn screening is offered. Another postpartum visit is scheduled at one to two weeks depending on the Mom's wishes. We will provide more care if needed. We can give basic breastfeeding advise and refer you to a lactation consultant if you need more help.

   We do childbirth education at each of your visits and can refer you to a formal class and instructor in many different styles of education.

   We do not advocate DIY birth but are supportive of your right to choose this option.  

​   We love our profession and the chance it gives us to get to know like minded folks.

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