Prenatal care

We believe that the best care you can give yourself comes from within. You are the one that has the best interest for your baby and yourself.  What you eat, the drugs you ingest, and the exercise you do all are a part of a picture of you and your unborn baby's health.  If you smoke, so does your baby.  If you eat only junk food you and your baby lack the nutrients for good development.  When you have a prenatal visit we spend about one hour with you.  We collect numbers (blood pressure, etc) and get to know you.  The other 720 hours a month are up to you.  It is important that you take the responsibility to make the right choices that will not only benefit your baby by helping it get a good start but will also help you feel better and more vital.  Good choices also help your family and you can teach them good habits by modeling a healthy lifestyle.  Eating well does not have to be something that deprives you but can be a chance to experience new flavors and food choices.  This can be a fun new adventure that will have you and your family feeling better, looking better, and living longer.  Start planning to be around for your grandchildren.  Before you know it your children will be grown, and if you value being there for them now you will also value being there for them later.