Meet Sarah
Midwife ( little letters pending ) Administrative Assistant

Sarah has been part of my practice for over two years now.  We have spent a lot of time together. She is waiting to take the NARM exam since she has finished all of her requirements.  In the "old days " she would already be ready to practice but now a days she needs to jump through many hoops. She has proven to be an excellent jumper.  She will provide me with much appreciated back up as she starts her own practice and finds her individual style. I will continue to mentor her.  I had known her through the birth community and Facebook for some time but had not met her. I met her when she came to buy some midwifery books from me. She mentioned wanting to pursue her dream of midwifery and I mentioned that I taught midwifery classes. She was interested and I told her to e-mail me a proposal. The receipt of that well thought out professional representation of her many skills won me over. After the first few weeks of classes I knew that she would be a wonderful addition to our birth team.
Not only did she excel in class, her homework assignments were exceptional. She was already a doula, taught childbirth education and had a busy service encapsulting placentas.  Within a week of becoming an official apprentice she had a wonderful idea of having an informed consent book. She joined the Evidence Birth web site and put together an amazing book on many of the topics that birthing families need to know about and have an opinion on.
She is my rock ( after my family ). She is always available when I need her.
She lives with an extended family and her son Atticus in Carthage on a farm.