Meet Marilyn

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and a midwife. I live in a very small town in Cannon County with my husband, Gerry and my walking partner, Oscar.  Our newest addition is Ninita and she is 3 lbs. of trouble ! When I am not running the roads doing prenatals, births and post partum visits I enjoy staying at home cooking and watching The Food Network among other shows. My children and Grands are spread between TN,MS, and NV and I visit when I can. I also teach midwifery and have several students/apprentices. I love to travel and find new roads to explore. Sometimes when on call I may be limited to my surrounding area but since I am blessed to live in such a beautiful place traveling close to home is wonderful. I love to dance and play free poker. 


Marilyn Greene Campbell, M.S., C.H.E.S., C.P.M.-TN
  276 East Main Street
  Auburntown, TN 37016
  Phone ( Home ) 615-464-4011
  Phone ( Cell ) 615-580-0358

  Currently: ABD towards Doctor of Arts degree in Physical and Health Education
  Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)
  1993: Master of Science Degree in Health Education with a Sociology Minor
  Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)
  1992: Bachelor of Science Degree
  Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Safety
  Bachelor of Science Degree
  Anthropology (Double Major)
  Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)


  2008 to 2009 Kaplan Career College - Full - Time Instructor in MA, BCS and MOS          Departments
 Taught a variety of relevant classes.
 2003 to 2008 Draughons Junior College – Lead Instructor of Medical Assisting Program  of 200 students - Full-Time Instructor – MA program
  Classes taught include Medical Law and Ethics, Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Emergencies, Introduction to Medical Assisting,       Pathophysiology, Medical Insurance and Medical Office Administration among many others.
1992-1994: Graduate Teaching Assistant and Adjunct Facility at MTSU - Classes include Effective Living, Community Health, School
 Health Program, and Kinesiology
 Co-authored a Test Bank for the textbook used in the 
  University wide Health class "Effective Living"


 1976 to Present: Professional Midwife

8-11-2018 Arizona License # LM214

3-6-2018 Midwifery Bridge Certificate
 Certified by the State of Tennessee (CPM-TN) (Certificate # 105)
Certification suspended from 4-14 to 4-16 and Reinstated on 11-16 for non midwifery related reasons.  
Tennessee Midwives Association
 Approximately 2,000+ birth experience
 Experience in Home Birth (40 years)
 Involved in the education of Midwives for 40 years
1998-2001: Provider of prenatal and birth care at Almost Home Birth Center. Carthage, TN. Worked with Dr. Merri B. Morris OB-GYN

  2001-2002: Front Office Supervisor for Feminine Care P.C. Carthage, TN
 1998-2001: OB Coordinator and Health Educator for Feminine Care P.C. Carthage, TN
  1976-1986: Medical Assistant, Lab Assistant, Computer Operations 
  Supervisor, Birth Center Manager. Office of Dr. Neal
  Kellman, Dr. Rodney Bryant, and Dr. William Bryant.


  2016 to 2018: Central Regional Representative for the TN Midwives Association (TMA).
  2016 : Preceptor for NARM 
  2015 : 25 Hours on-line continuing Education on various women’s Health Topics through the CDC website.
  2005-2007: Vice-President of the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (NACPM)
  2004-2006: President of the Tennessee Midwives Association (TMA)
  1999-2001: First Vice President of Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA)
  2000-2001: President and founding member of the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery (FAM)
  1998-2000: President of Tennessee Midwives Association (TMA)
  1995-2000: Qualified Examiner for North American Registry of Midwifery (NARM)
  1995-1998: Southeast Regional Representative for MANA
  1992-1993: Vice President of TMA
  1981-1983: Southeast Regional Representative for MANA 

 Conferences and Board Meetings:
  May 2005: NACPM Board of Director’s meeting – Seattle, Washington
  March 2001: MANA Board of Director’s meeting – San Diego, California
  June 2000: MANA Mexico Conference – San Luis Potsoi, Mexico
  Nov. 2000: MANA Annual Conference and Board meeting – Clearwater, Florida
  Oct. 1999: MANA Annual Conference and Board meeting – Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  March 1999: MANA Board meeting – Brandon, Missouri
  March 1998: MANA Board meeting – Summertown, Tennessee
  Oct. 1997: MANA Annual Conference and Board meeting – Seattle, Washington
  April 1997: MANA Board meeting – Seattle, Washington
  Oct. 1996: MANA Annual Conference and Board meeting – Austin, Texas
  April 1996: MANA Board meeting – Phoenix, Arizona
  April 1995: MANA Board meeting – Austin, Texas
  1985: Conference Honoring the Grand Midwife Spellman College, Atlanta, Georgia
  1982: MANA Annual Conference – Toronto, Canada
  1981: MANA Annual Conference – Chicago, Illinois



11-2018 Neonatal Resuscitation re-certification

6-17-18 Certified in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers

2-3-18   Bleeding During Pregnancy from NetCE

1-25-18 Infant, Child, Adult Basic Life Support from National CPR Foundation

1-1-18   Diabetes Mellitus : Type 1, Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 from

1-1-18   Lower Urinary Tract Infections from

1-1-18  Complete Blood Count and Associated Tests

12-31-17 Medical Errors and Patient Safety from

12-31-17 Documentation: Accurate and Legal from

12-31-17 Cultural Competence in Healthcare from

10-26-17 PROM, GBS, and Newborn Procedures from Evidence Based Birth

10-14-17 Friedman's Curve and Failure to Progress from Evidence Based Birth

10-13-17 Evidence Based Care for Suspected Big Babies from Evidence Based Birth

10-13-17 Due Dates and Advanced Maternal Age from Evidence Based Birth

10-9-17 Erythromycin Eye Ointment for Newborns from Evidence Based Birth

10-9-17 Evidence for Vitamin K for Newborns from Evidence Based Birth

10-5-17 How to help Families Get Evidence Based Care from Evidence Based Birth
  11-8-16 : Stick Em Up IV Class - Eagleville, TN
  11-8-16 : Peer review -1 hour
  11-1-16 Tn Midwives Association Meeting and 2.5 Hour Peer Review - Old Hickory, TN
  7-20-16 : Medicine in Austere Environments - Nolensville, TN
  5-21-16 : Certified Trauma Training - Vanderbilt University Affiliated 
  12-2015 :Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) 
  12-2015 : Health Care Provider CPR American Heart Association
  9-11-2010: Comprehensive 8 hour Infant, Child and Adult CPR, and AED for the Health   Care Professional Recertification - American Red Cross
  2008 to 2010: CPR and Safety Instructor for The American Red Cross
  2003: Tennessee Public Health Conference – Franklin, Tennessee
  2002-2004: Conference Program Committee Member for the Rural Health Association of Tennessee (RHAT)
  Nov. 2001: American Public Health Association Annual Conference –  Atlanta, Georgia
  1991: Tennessee Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (TAHPERD)  Annual Conference – Memphis, Tennessee
  1990: TAHPERD conference – Nashville, Tennessee
  1990: Conference for the Poor and Undeserved – Nashville, Tennessee
  1989: Conference for the Poor and Undeserved – Nashville, Tennessee

 Over the last forty + years, I have presented on many topics that cover health and    pregnancy issues.
  Audiences range from elementary, high school, and university students, as well as professional organizations.
  I have been a key note speaker and session presenter at several midwifery conferences. 
  Topics include:
  Common Sense Isn’t Very Common Anymore – Basic Health Education
  Healthy Pregnancy – One Midwives Perspective
  Teen Pregnancy – What can we do?
  Medical Law and Ethics – Basics for Survival
  Homeostasis – Keeping Balance in a Stressed Out World !
  Birth in Your Bunker - Preparing for the Unpredictable. 
  Understanding Medical Terminology - Sorting through the “Big Words“
  Anatomy and Physiology - A Mutual Admiration System-ology. 
  PEP Prep - Education and skills for the NARM PEP application.
  American Red Cross
  Rural Health Association
  Tennessee Public Health Association
  American Health Association
  Tennessee Midwives Association
  National Association of Certified Professional Midwives
  Midwives Alliance of North America
  International Federation of Midwives