Meet Lisa

Lisa is another one of my wonderful apprentices and as soon as Anna finishes her primary experience Lisa is next in line..  I have known her for many years through the community, mutual friends and I attended one of her births as an assistant to another midwife many years ago. 
Lisa has 10 children and I know that many were born at home but not sure if all were. We have been spending time together doing prenatal visits and births. Since most of our ladies live at least a half to an hour away we have lots of time to chat
Lisa has gotten her experience by attending friend's births and assisting her daughter ( a midwife ) at many home births in this area before her daughter got married and moved away. Lisa has also attended her daughter's births.
Lisa is interested in natural healing and herbal remedies and is my go-to person when I have questions beyond my expertise in that area.
Lisa is a serious student and takes each assignment and makes sure she completes it in a well researched manner. I am look forward to our birthing experiences.
Lisa lives in Cannon County with her family on a farm. She also teaches bible study classes. She has one foot already in the door to her path to midwifery and is doing what she needs to do to insert the other.