Brandy Rutledge Lendley is the newest member of our team.  Brandy is married and has 7 children. She has a love for helping birthing women and has worked as a LPN at local hospitals. I usually shy away from having apprentices who are nurses but she assures me she can leave all that hospital stuff behind her and embrace the home birth atmosphere. She has little letters that have to do with breast feeding support and is getting some more. You can ask her about all that when you meet her. She runs a food coop in her spare time ( LOL ) which has given me the impression that she is very organized.  Time will tell.  She has been an excellent student and is getting the knowledge part of the CPM process signed off in record time.  I am looking forward to her input and learning from her. Knowledge is a two way street. I meet some of her kin folk yesterday at a Meet and Greet and they were a big happy group. I like to think of my practice and my apprentices in the same way.