Meet Anna

Anna is one of my apprentices. I have gotten to know her over the past year and we have done many births together. 
She has a gentle heart and is a willing student. Every time we do something together I learn more about her path to midwifery. She has worked with other midwives including her sister Elisha Brown Slabaugh who has moved to another state and has experienced birth first hand recently. Anna has also worked at a birth center in Central America and had a very busy time there doing lots of births as an assistant. Yesterday while driving the hour to a community where we have several women expecting I learned that she can suture and that she was told by her instructor in suturing that she had excellent technique. I am planning on learning from her and enhancing my "sewing" skills. I may have been practicing midwifery for over 40 years but I am always looking for continuing education even from my own students. That is what team work is about. It is learning from and helping one another.
Anna lives in Cannon County with her husband and two children.  She raises dogs and milks sheep in her spare time.
I am happy to be helping her advance on her path to midwifery.