Getting Your Ducks In a Row 

When you are planning a home birth there are many considerations to ponder.  Is this the best choice for my family? Is my partner on board? What about my friends and family?  Am I healthy?  Will I take responsibility for my choices?  What is my birth history and is there any aspects that would make this a difficult choice? Can I afford to pay a midwife if she either does not take insurance or my insurance will not help with the costs? Can I handle choosing a birthing location that is considered weird or dangerous for people uneducated to the benefits of this choice. Am I willing to embrace the concept of Informed Consent instead of just going along with a regimented method of care?

This is just the short list. As the months go by there will be many more. Some of these need to be considered before you start calling around and interviewing midwives.  Some will be discussed at the first meeting. Others will come up along the journey.

If you are comfortable with your answers you will be confident in your care. 

Contact us if we can help you with any of these questions. The foundation of our service is Birth Your Way. We want you to have a positive birth experience and get all your ducks in a row.