The bonds that develop and grow during the birth process are deep and lasting. I can not count how many times I have heard a husband, partner, family member or friend say " I didn't realize how strong she was until I witnessed her give birth ". I also have heard the Mama say the same sentiment about herself. As birthing women we dig deep into our selves to find the courage, strength, determination and love for our baby to do what on any other day may seem impossible. It is wonderful when our plans go smoothly and we get the birth we imagined. It is also very important to be flexible and deal with the disappointment when things do not go to plan. Either way we do what we have to do to make a smoother transition to a being we only know by the feel of a kick or a glimpse of a face on an ultra sound. We do what we need to because we already love that tiny person who has made our lives more complicated even before their birth day. We accept the inconvenience of constantly going to the bathroom, having to sleep sitting up, or being unable to eat when there is little room left. We know that all of this is the formation of the bond of love that we instantly recognize when we get to meet our baby and hold him/her in our arms.