I feel that having children is a blessing.  Many of my clients are very blessed.  I have four Children and four Grandchildren  My children are a joy and a blessing.  Over the years I have worked with other midwives who had large families.
Renae was my midwifery partner for several years. She had to quit when her youngest child got very sick.  She had 12 children.  Some were her birth children, while others were adopted.  She loved them all equally and felt that a full nest was a happy nest.  Her husband and her were very happy.
April was my apprentice and now has a practice of her own.  She was the oldest of 10 children and married a man from a family of 10.  I will always have a special connection to them both as I was his Mother's midwife and attended his birth.  April left our practice to start a family of her own and has been blessed eight times.  She learned about midwifery from me and I learned a lot about family from her.  I am very grateful.
Jean was another apprentice who spread her wings and was certified.  She has six children and is experiencing the joy of having  grandchildren of her own.  I was the midwife at several of her births.  I have also had the honor of attending the births of some of her relatives and many members of her church.  I know that they will all are well taken care of by Jean and her loving midwifery care.
When I taught at a Career College in the Medical Assisting program many of my students were amazed when I spoke in general about the large wonderful families that have allowed me to be part of their lives.  I would try to help them understand this other world.  I would explain that these people felt that the best possessions were those you didn't buy but were the ones you birthed !!