Specializing in Home Birth " Your Way "



​Marilyn Greene Campbell CPM-TN

   Certified Professional Midwife-TN 


I am starting my new practice in NV.  I will be based in Henderson and will be taking clients in that area.  I also have an AZ license and will be roaming down to Kingman.  As soon as I get a chance to network I will know better what my limits will be.

Be prepared to have all your questions answered.  I take as much time as needed to discuss what your vision of the perfect birth will be.  I also try to give you realistic expectations because one thing is certain about birth and that is " You can't predict the unpredictable ".


Many families feel that a birth at home gives them that "home court advantage " that they don't have in another setting. Home is where you feel safe and are surrounded with people you choose and not workers that happen to be there during their shift. It is your bed, food, and music